22 February 2007


UNAM on 9 MHz again

4780 17/2 0345 RTV Djibouti, Afro Music, good

5000 17/2 0035 Obervatorio Naval Cagical, Venezuela, pips, time, ids good

5066,3 18/2 0415 La Voix du People, Bunia Congo, music, QRM from 5070, poor

5100 18/20 0426 Radio Bana, Eritrea, talks & music poor/fair

5910,1 18/2 0340 Marfil Estereo, Colombia, songs, good

6173,8 18/2 0154 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, Peru, music, LSB better, poor

6400,85 18/2 0405 WMR, Pirate, songs & ids (also "WMR Music Radio" "This is
WMR Weekend Music Radio) fair

9599,25 16/2 2343-0020 Radio UNAM, Mexico Serious classic orchestral music, talked at 2357 "Radio Universidad...", Cultural talks about pictures and new tecnologies and music again at 0016. in LSB to avoid Cuba, poor/fair

26000 17/2 0352 Radio Maria, Italy, in // with FM poor

rx: Drake SPR-4, CiaoRadio, SDR-14, AOR 5000+
ant: T2FD RF-Systems

16 February 2007


LRA36 back & 3810 first time

v = frequency measured with SDR-14

3810 16/2 0205 HD2IOA, Sistema telegrafico de la Armada, Guayaquil, Ecuador,
pips, time, poor - first time for me in Milano

4780 16/2 0040 Radio Cultural Coatan, Guatemala, talks, good

4805 16/2 0051-0104* Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil, Sport live,
at 0104 id and off good

4845,239v 16/2 0110 Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, romantic songs, good

6009,481v 16/2 0147 La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, religious talks, fair
(in LSB to avoid QRM)

6135 16/2 0030 Radio Aparecida, Brazil, religious PP fair

6150 15/2 0003 Media Corp Radio, Singapore, News with many Asian reports, id
at 0010, time and Web address at 0015, then talks, EE fair

6150 15/2 0105 Radio Record (pres.), in PP with sport live
"goooooooollllllll" poor to good even if Radio Romania Int in EE on the same
channel, no id heard - first time for me in Milano

15476 14/2 1935 LRA36 San Gabriel, Antartica, talks and later music, SS poor - nice coming back

rx SDR14 - CiaoRadio - Drake SPR-4
ant T2FD 15 m. long

08 February 2007


Il sole è basso, dorme

Heard in Milan

3330 8/2 8/2 0020 CHU Canada, usual pips and id in FF/EE, fair

4780 07/02 0155 Radio Cultural Coatan, Guatemala. Nice songs with some ids.
Fair signal but very good modulation for easy listening.

4845,25 8/2 0107 Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, sport live, good

4918,985v 07/02 0215 Radio Quito, Ecuador, Sport football game live, with
some ids. Fair/good

5005 06/02 2250 Radio Bata, Guinea E., ending broadcasting with national
hymn and s.off at 2255 good

5446,5 8/2 0122 AFRTS Key West, USA, //7811 talks EE, in USB, fair

5910,55 07/02 0110 Marfil Estereo, Colombia, religious program in Spanish,
till 0127, then ids and usual nice songs program. Good

5952,5 07/02 0130 Radio Pio XII, Bolivia, talks in SS and nice Bolivian
music, good signal but usula QRM.

6009,493v 8/2 0045 La Voz de tu Conciencia, songs, SS, fair

6010,117v 8/2 0040 Radio Baharain, usual program of pop songs non stop. Fair

6134,8 8/2 0102 Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz song and signal
off at 0104 fair

6160 8/2 0015 CKZN St. Johns, Canada, relay CBC Radio One, Interview about
Canadian soldiers in International missions, fading, fair to really good

6700 07/02 0135 Radio Solh (Radio Peace), Afghanistan, presumed, talks man
and woman, like reports, at 0148 folk music. Signal affected by slow fading
going from poor to good.

rx used: CiaoRadio H101, SDR-14, Winradio G33EM, Drake SPR-4
ant: T2FD

06 February 2007


Altri ascolti metropolitani

DXing in a metropolitan area, like Milan, is not so easy. But sometimes it is possible to log something nice. Better then nothing. Here are some tips:

9530 02/02 2242 Transmundial, Brazil, religious prg, PP, poor

9550 02/02 2256 Boa Vontade, Brazil, religious songs, fair

9565 02/02 2250 Radio Tupi, Brazil, religious talks PP, fair

9599,25 04/02 2235 Radio UNAM, Mexico, music and interviews, SS, poor/fair

9615 04/02 0020 Radio Cultura, Brazil, music, id,poor

9629,97 04/02 0015 Radio Aparecida, Brazil, Talks, Mx, good

9675 03/02 2224 Cancao Nova, Brazil, talks PP, good

9720 04/02 0025 Radio Victoria, Perù, usual talks, fair

10400 04/02 0029 Chinese Firedrake, Chinese music, good

11815 03/02 2214 Radio Brasil Central, songs, ids, good

11829,94 04/02 2035 CBN Anhanguera, Goiana, Brazil, sport reports PP, good

rx: Drake SPR-4 & R-4C, Icom R71E
ant: T2fD

02 February 2007


DX metropolitani

Ascolti fatti a Milano, nonostante noise e disturbi di ogni genere:

4805 28/1 2332 Radio Difusora do Amazonas, nice songs, id, Manaus commercials. good

4845,25 31/1 0100-0202* Radio Cultura, Manaus, Religious catholic program till 0150, then romantic ongs and full id at 0200, National Hymn and off at 0202. Very nice signal, easy listening 4746,8 28/1 2315 Huanta 2000, religious talks in Spanish, no id, again back to this frequency area, as already observed in USA. Poor/Fair

5470 28/1 2043-2100* Radio Veritas, Liberia, songs, id in English and s.off at 2100. Good

5745 02/02 0042 WWRB, USA, presumed: old songs non stop, good

5755 02/02 0048 KAIJ, Frisco, USA talks, EE fair

6010,07 01/02 0108-0119 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, sport tlaks man and woman, mentioning "Inconfidencia", fair over Bahrain. In USB to avoid La Voz de tu Conciencia, good on 6009,5 kHz

6134,8 02/02 0035 Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, sport talks SS, commercials, ids, SS, in LSB to avoid QRM. Fair

6878 28/1 0205 Radio Planet FM, id in Italian: "Alla consolle di Radio Planet FM...", and in English "You are listening to Radio Planet FM". House music "House party". It is the same tx of Power FM that I reported in December... no doubt because the spectrum. Strong signal, perfect modulation. Still on air on 29/1 0145 with Planet Night".

9599,26 29/1 & 1/2 2208-2223 Radio UNAM, Mexico. First it was a tentative because I didn't hear any id, I listened to it again and I can say it is UNAM. Seriuos classical music, at 2220 talks by woman but with low modulation, not usable, fading down at 2221. At 2226 music again with slow deep fading. At 2308 better signal, talks by man in Spanish, cultural serious matters. But at 2312 QRM from 9600 kHz. Later music again, better at 2344 in narrow LSB. It was always serious music. At 0000 talks man & woman for some minutes and music again. Later very weak, and around 0100 it disappeared. The exact frequency seems to be 9599,257

9615 01/02 0215-0240 Radio Cultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Talks man and woman, reports, in PP, with several ids. fair/good

9720 28/1 2341 Radio Victoria, Peru, usual religious program in Spanish, but with a real good singnal. Easy listening also with Degen 1103

11815 28/1 2255 Radio Brasil Central, songs and ids, great signal like a local station! Easy listening with Degen 1103.

rx: Drake SPR-4, Icom R71-E, SDR-14, CiaoRadio H101
ant: T2FD by RF Systems


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