08 February 2007


Il sole è basso, dorme

Heard in Milan

3330 8/2 8/2 0020 CHU Canada, usual pips and id in FF/EE, fair

4780 07/02 0155 Radio Cultural Coatan, Guatemala. Nice songs with some ids.
Fair signal but very good modulation for easy listening.

4845,25 8/2 0107 Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, sport live, good

4918,985v 07/02 0215 Radio Quito, Ecuador, Sport football game live, with
some ids. Fair/good

5005 06/02 2250 Radio Bata, Guinea E., ending broadcasting with national
hymn and s.off at 2255 good

5446,5 8/2 0122 AFRTS Key West, USA, //7811 talks EE, in USB, fair

5910,55 07/02 0110 Marfil Estereo, Colombia, religious program in Spanish,
till 0127, then ids and usual nice songs program. Good

5952,5 07/02 0130 Radio Pio XII, Bolivia, talks in SS and nice Bolivian
music, good signal but usula QRM.

6009,493v 8/2 0045 La Voz de tu Conciencia, songs, SS, fair

6010,117v 8/2 0040 Radio Baharain, usual program of pop songs non stop. Fair

6134,8 8/2 0102 Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz song and signal
off at 0104 fair

6160 8/2 0015 CKZN St. Johns, Canada, relay CBC Radio One, Interview about
Canadian soldiers in International missions, fading, fair to really good

6700 07/02 0135 Radio Solh (Radio Peace), Afghanistan, presumed, talks man
and woman, like reports, at 0148 folk music. Signal affected by slow fading
going from poor to good.

rx used: CiaoRadio H101, SDR-14, Winradio G33EM, Drake SPR-4
ant: T2FD

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