05 April 2007


Tx problems for La Hora

4857v 4/4 Radio La Hora, Peru, must have some problems: at 2311 was coming in with talks and music, but disappeared just while I was measuring the frequency at 2314, maybe tx problems. Then, later I observed it, at 0035, on air again with sport live in Spanish, no id but mentioning Radio Nacional. Then off again at 0043 !

altri ascolti:

4716,66 4/4 2250 Radio Yura, Bolivia, music, poor
4746,9 4/4 2245 Radio Huanta 2000, Peru, talks, poor
4796,4 4/4 2306 Radio Mallku, Bolivia, talks, fading, poor
4824,5 4/4 2317 La Voz de la Selva, mx and talks, poor
6019,5 4/4 2335 Radio Victoria, Peru, in // with 9720 but better on this frequency, good using LSB
6105,5v 4/4 2321 Radio Panamericana, Bolivia, reports, commercials, at 0000 sport footbal match Real Potosì vs Aurora and Bolivar vs Destroyers. Good
6160 4/4 2340 CKZN St'John's, CBC One, reports in EE, CBC web url, fair to
surprising good (better in USB)
6165 4/4 2345 Radio Logos ? (presumed) Bolivia, slow long religious songs,
stopped at 2358 by Radio Nederland via Sines (as they announced) fair
9720 4/4 2332 Radio Victoria, Peru, usual program "La Rivelacion" fair, on
4/4 was much stronger

rx: CiaoRadio, SDR-14, TenTec/GW RX321
ant: T2FD

Fantastici blogs. Complimenti !
Fantastici blogs. Complimenti !
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