13 November 2007


Pirati della domenica

Qualche radio pirata della domenica... diverse emittenti non sono riuscito a identificarle nonostante le registrazioni...

6271,8 4/11 0945 Halloween Radio, reading reports from listener, many id, fair/good

6295 4/11 0850 Radio Northpole, good to poor, fading down

6310,9 4/11 0755 Radio Lowland, "Good morning, this is Radio Lowland, thank
you very much...", fair

6325 4/11 0855 Radio Alice, songs and few ids fair/good

6325,4 4/11 0947-0951* Radio Zulu Kilo, talks, ids, some folk mx, fair

6325,5 4/11 0920-0936* Unid from Netherland ? Sounded like Radio Ellen help
please. Folk mx

Rx: SDR-IQ Ant: T2FD

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