28 November 2009


Sony ICF-SW100 Ultralight but not ultracheap

I found, forgotten in a box at home, an old Sony ICF-SW100. An ultralight but not ultracheap receiver

I got it with me to Elba Island, on holidays. It has good sensitivity and good AM Syncro, usb-lsb selectable. Works nice. Here few evening tips:

4319 24/9 2203 AFRTS Diego Garcia, USB, reports, fair

4765 23/9 2325 Radio Tajikistan, music, fair

4885 23/9 2345 Radio Clube do Parà, Brazil, talks, fair

4925 23/9 2320 RRI Jambi, Indonesia, reports, fair

5965 23/9 2340 Radio Habana, Cuba, nice music, good

5990 24/9 2150 Radio Senado, Brazil, songs, talks, id, good

6297 23/9 2336 RASD Saharui Nat. Radio, Clandestine, in Spanish, politics, fair

6973 23/9 2332 Galei Zahal, Israel, rock and talks, good

RX: Sony ICF-SW100
ANT: Sony AN-100
QTH: Poggio, Isola d’Elba (Toscana, Italia)

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