16 January 2010


3815 KNR Greenland in Milan

Qualche altro ascolto. Per la prima volta sono riuscito ad ascoltare 3815 KNR Groenlandia da Milano city: qualche minuto di strano silenzio noise e un po' di propagazione combinati.

RX: AOR AR7030, SDR-IQ, Drake R8 (ANT: T2FD) --- QTH: Milano, Italia

3185 11/1 0230 WWRB, USA, religious program in English, weak but clear

3215 11/1 0233 WWCR, USA, Religious talks, just like WWRB, poor

3330 11/1 0238 CHU, Canada, pips, ids as usual, weak

3815 9/1 2120 KNR, Greenland, man talks, at 2129 music, 2130 news read by a woman & a man, later a lot of local noise, I could ear some slow music again at 2143 for few minutes. Very weak signal. The solar flux index moved up to 82 from 77, may help.

3915 9/1 2203 BBC WS, Kranji, Singapore, reports in English, fair

3925 9/1 2201 Radio Nikkei, Japan, talks, weak, a little bit better around

4025 9/1 2219 Laser Hot Hits, Pirate, songs, fair

5910 10/1 0001 Marfil Estereo, Colombia, usual nice songs, poor/fair

6185 10/1 0010 Radio Nacional Amazonia, Brazil, good music from some American countries like Paraguay, good, but fading. At 0020 stopped for 2 minutes from a strong carrier with few seconds of English talks by woman.
Iran preparing tx?

11670 9/1 2228 Radio Nacional de Venezuela, via Cuba, politics, id, in Spanish, fair

11815 9/1 2225 Radio Brasil Central, Brazil, nice songs, oldies, fair

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