16 January 2010


Burma su 3 frequenze

RX: AOR AR7030, Drake R8, SDR-IQ - ANT: T2fd
QTH: Milano, Italia

4319 4/1 2353 AFRTS, Diego Garcia, talks in English, USB, fair with a narrow filter (1,8 kHz) to avoid RTTY above

5769,993v 5/1 0030 Myanma Army Radio, Burma, Start of program with trumpet and talks by woman, then slow music, frequency slowly drifting, fair

5915 5/1 0010 Myanma Radio, Burma, talks, later slow songs, fair

5995 4/1 2340 RTV Malì, talks in French, nice Afro music, ids by female, good

7145 4/1 2345 Lao National Radio, Laos, now here in Milano all the nights, talks, music, at 0000 talks man. Fair when no hams over

7200 4/1 0030 Myanma Radio, Burma, start of BC, fair

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