16 January 2010


Nel tardo pomeriggio

Late afternoon tips

RX: SDR-IQ, Yaesu FRG-7, Drake R8, AOR AR7030 --- ANT: T2FD
QTH: Milano, Italia

5010 9/1 1626 AIR Thiruvan..., India, slow Indian songs, fair/good

5019,96 9/1 1912 Salomon Islands BC, here in Milano I had only the carrier on 5019,96, but I could listen to them via a remote SDR receiver located at the University of Twente, in Nederland. Music, few talks. Very weak.

6297,198v 9/1 1834 National Radio of Saharui Rep. Clandestine based in Algeria, talka in Arabic and songs, very well this evening

6953 9/1 1530-1610* Pirate, Jan van Gent Radio, non stop folks songs, Nothern & Balkanic style, later serious religious style, off at 1610, fair to good with strong slow fading. This is the radio without id! Thanks to Doctor Tim that helped me.

6973 9/1 1612 Galei Zahal, Israel, talks and music, fair, noise

8743 9/1 1620 Bangkok Meteorogical Radio, Thailand, info and interval signal at 1624, poor

9330 9/1 1725 Radio Damascus, Syria, good signal but very low, but really low modulation, to be unusable !

9340 9/1 1722 Radio Pakistan, in Urdu, songs, terrible modulation! fair

9525,973v 9/1 1710 Voice of Indonesia, program in Spanish, talks about Indonesia and slow music, poor/fair, fading

9605 9/1 1734-1758* Voice of Assena, Clandestine to Eritrea, native language, talks, Horn Africa songs, music, fair to good because fading (Assenna seem to be the right name, see: http://www.assenna.com/). End of program at 1758

9704,18v 9/1 1814 Radio Ethiopia, talks, fair, modulation a little low

9765 9/1 1820 Radio New Zealand Int., Chorus religious music (Sunday morning in NZ), poor

11750 9/1 1645 Sri Lanka BC, (presumed) slow songs, at 1700 news in native language, and songs again, talks by woman, fading, poor/fair

11785 9/1 1630 Sudan Radio Service, Clandestine via Meyerton, South Africa, talks in Arabic mentioning many times Sudan, good

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