21 January 2010


Vento della Siberia, unid brasiliana

Unid su 6104,75... Help ! Siberia on 7200, Myanma Radio off or low power?

4830 21/1 0112 Mongolian Radio, talks man & woman,some music, not //4895-7260. Fair

4895 21/1 0110 Mongolian Radio, nice music and soft talks by woman over the music, //7260 fair (on 7260 really good)

5045 21/1 0225 Radio Cultura, Belem, Brazil, great Brazilian songs, good

5770 20/1 0035 Myanma Army Radio, Burma, talks by woman, music, fair (but in USB to avoid utility QRM)

5915 20/1 0031 Mynama Radio, Burma, talk woman, then slow songs, fair

5970 21/1 0123 Radio Itatiaia, Brazil, sport football game, fair

6009,96 21/1 0118 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Sport: "Gooooooooool", weak

6104,75 21/1 0130 Unid in Portuguese, long talks, not Cancao Nova (I listened to their streaming). Is Filafelfia active? Poor

6160 21/1 0153 CKZN CBC relay St. Johns, Canada, in English, talks, weak

7200 20/1 0030-0045 no signal of Myanma Radio, maybe off air this night

7200 21/1 0046-0002 Radio Sakha, Yakutsk, East Siberia, Russia, regional program, long talks in Russian, then at 0200 Radio Rossii news with a real different BC style. It is the first time I listen to this Russian station.
This night with good signal. No traces of Burma.

7260 20/1 0046 Mongolian Radio, Mongolia, nice music, //4895, good

7295 20/1 0051 Traxx FM, Malaysia, usual songs program, fair, this night better than last weaks

QTH Milano, Italia

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