13 March 2010


RAE di nuovo attiva su 11710

Qualche ascolto. RAE di nuovo attiva in 11 MHz,

RX: SDR-IQ; AOR AR7030; Yaesu FRG-7 --- ANT: T2FD
QTH Milano, Italia

4845,24 23/1 Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, nice songs, fair

5045 23/1 0000 Radio Cultura, Belem, Brazil, id, talks, songs, fair. At 0110

6035 23/1 0025 La Voz del Guaviare, Colombia, romantic songs, fair

6170 21/1 1320 Radio New Zealand Int., nice slow songs, oldies, fair to good

6225 23/1 1935 RTE, via Meyerton South Africa, In English, talks, mail address, very good

7200 23/1 0030 Myanma Radio, Burma, start BC, on air again, music, talks woman, QRM Radio Sakha, Siberia. Poor

7295 23/1 0018 Traxx FM, Malaysia, American oldies, fair

7370 23/1 0025 FEBA Radio, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in Bengali, talks,
addresses, end prg, good

11710,56v 23/1 0040 Radio Argentina al Exterior, Argentina, in Portuguese, reports, talks about Paraguay. Id and frequencies at 0048, then tango. End of Portuguese program, interval signal with some ids in different
languages. At 0100 start new program. It was reported off air, now on air again. Slowly drifting upward. At 0054 on 11710,57 kHz; at 0006 11710,58;
0013 11710,59 Weak (vedi immagine sotto)

11815 23/1 0035 Radio Brasil Central, songs, deep fading, poor/fair

15785 21/1 1306 Galei Zahal, Israel, talks, today in AM again, fair with fading

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