13 March 2010


Una Candela sui 6 MHz

Un Candela illumina i 6 MHz. Ascoltata da Milano Candela FM 6105 kHz

5910 20/2 0040 Marfil Estereo, Colombia, usual nice Colombian songs, weak
but clear

5915 20/2 0046 Myanma Radio, Burma, slow music, low modulation, weak signal

6030 20/2 0051 Radio Martì, Clandestine to Cuba, on air again after one
night off, sport talks, impressive 9+30 signal.

6090 20/2 0054 Dr. Gene Scoot University Network, Anguilla, usual religious
prg in English, nice S9 signal. Light QRM from China

6104,76v 20/2 0100-0222 Candela FM, Mexico, serious talks in Spanish mentionig "Mexico", commercials, really weak but with slow fading sometimes better (I used narrow filters in SSB with SDR-IQ), at 0205 nice songs, other commercials).

RX: SDR-IQ AOR AR7030 - Ant. T2FD
QTH Milano, Italia

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