06 December 2010


DXing sui 49 e 41 metri

La filare di 30 metri rende bene anche sulle bande Broadcasting dei 49 e 41 metri. Mi ha sorpreso il segnale discreto di Radio New Zealand sui 5950 alle 1343 UTC. Molto presto quindi. Segnale eccellente, poi, per il Ciad su 6165 kHz, con qualità audio perfetta. Ascolto davvero piacevole.

5950 1343 Dec. 1 Radio New Zealand, Reports and interviews, several ids, songs, English, fair, fading. Really early in the afternoon

5955 0436 Dec.1 Voice of Broad Masses, Eritrea, Horn Africa sound songs. Fair

6005 1351 Dec.1 Radio 700, Germany, songs, especially German pop, id, talks in german, fair - REC

6019.26 0444 Dec.1 Radio Victoria, Perù, talks, weak, no QRM.

6055 1715 Nov. 29 Radio Rwanda, talks with some interview, mentioning many times Rwanda, maybe economics, in Vernacular, good

6130 2240 Nov.29 PBS Xizang, China, talks in English also about Kashmir and border affairs in Fifties; economic development; also songs, fair/good

6165 0450 Dec.1 Radiodiffusion Nat. Tchadienne, Chad, nice Afro songs, talks in French, very good

6180 1400 Dec.1 China National Radio 8, start of the program, fair

6297,24 1724 Nov. 29 National Radio of SADR, Clandestine, via Algeria, songs, id at 1730 and news, Arabic, very good

7245 2338 Nov.30 Radio Mauretanie (presumed), Arabic talks and songs. Low modulation, QRM from close channels. Off on 4845 kHz.

7265 2100 Nov. 30 China Radio International, in Italian, reports, good

7295 2332 Nov.30 Traxx FM, Malaysia, songs and talks in English, fair

7350 0544 Dec.1 Radio Nigeria Abuja, African songs, Identification, good

7360 2103 Nov. 30 Radio Belarus, English service, reports, fair

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