06 December 2010


Tanto Brasile sui 9 MHz

Tanto Brasile sui 9 MHz. La propagazione dà segni di vita. Anche in altre direzioni

9478.88 2230 Nov.30 WTWW, Lebanon, TN, USA, religious program in English, good - REC

9500 2100 Dec.1 Radio Australia, Shepparton, news, in English, fair, some QRM from 9505

9504.985 2215 Nov.30 Radio Record, Brazil, talks about Sao Paulo, commercials, fair to good, easy listening - REC

9525.96 1844 Nov. 29 Voice of Indonesia, in German, Talks mentioning Jakarta, Indonesian slow songs, good - REC in fondo web

9550.01 2318 Nov.30 Boa Vontade, Brazil, talks mentioning some activity in Porto Alegre. Weak signal but clear modulation. - REC

9550 2104 Dec.1 Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam, reports in French, fair //9730 with better signal

9565 2109 Dec.1 Super Radio Deus è Amor, Brazil, talks religious, some QRM Radio Martì, mostly under, but sometimes coming on. Fair

9589.29 2205 Nov.30 Super Radio Deus é Amor, Brazil, out of frequency, usual sermons, talks, some music, good signal but not so good modulation. //9565

9629.91 2212 Nov 29, Radio Aparecida, Brazil, religious talk, AMS lower side to avoid QRM, weak/fair

9665.06 2244 Nov.30 Voz Misionaria, Brazil, religious strong speech, some interferences from China on the exact frequency and North Korea on 9665.09 with patriotic songs at 2249. Better later at 2316. Good signal - IMG blog

9670 0510 Dec. 1 Radio Miraya FM, via Slovakia, talks in Arabic, some modulation problems, songs at 0526, later talks again about Sudan with better mod., fair/good

9675 2205 Nov. 29 Cancao Nova, Brazil, talks and music, good

9680.05 2309 Nov.30 Radio Republik Indonesia, (presumed), reports by woman, strong QRM from close channels, weak signal

9704,99 2218 Nov. 29 La Voix du Sahel, Niger, in French, phone talks and songs, fair - very good on 30 Nov at 2250 closing daily program with many ids, Holy Kuran, National Hymn. Signal off at 2301. - REC

9720 2301 Nov.30 Radio Veritas, Philippines, Start program in Tagalog, talks introducing "Programa Philippinean service". Good

10000 2327 Nov. 30 Observatorio Nacional, Brazil, usual continuos ids. Fair

13590 1334 Dec.1 Christian Voice, OneAfrica, Zambia, songs, also Jingle Bell remixed, English talks, fair

15610 1320 Dec.1 WEWN, USA, religious program with Holy Mass, in English, good

15785 1325 Dec.1 Galei Zahal, Israel, talks in Hebrew and songs, good

21540 1330 Dec.1 Radio Kuwait, Arabic, Radio drama, good

RX: Perseus - ANT: Filare di 30 metri
QTH: Pescia, Toscana, Italia

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