25 March 2011


Bocca di Magra DX Nights - Tropicali

Con Dario Monferini, DX editor di Play DX sono tornato a Bocca di Magra per un'altra DX night session, la numero 23. Ovvero BOC 23. Sono venuti a trovarci anche Alessandro Capra e Marzio Vizzoni.

Ecco gli ascolti in Banda Tropicale

2310 19/03 2006- ABC VL8A, Alice Springs, Australia, songs, weak but clear. No signals on 2325 & 2485. SUFF. BOC23

3200 19/03 0301- TWR, Swaziland, talks in English, WEAK/FAIR. BOC23

3230 18/03 1928- Family Radio, via South Africa, usual long religious talks in English, WEAK. BOC23

3255 18/03 1930- BBC, via South Africa, reports in English, WEAK/FAIR. BOC23

3915 19/03 2148- BBC WS, Singapore, reports about Libya, FAIR. BOC23

3922 19/03 2142- Borderhunter, Dutch Pirate, folk music no stop, some blank space among the traces. Thanks Silveri Gomez & Roberto Pavanello tips. FAIR/GOOD. BOC23

4026 18/03 1934- Laser Hot Hits, pop songs, FAIR. BOC23

4319 18/03 2140- AFRTS, Diego Garcia, talks about Iraq, USB. FAIR. BOC23

4750 20/03 1810-1921* Dunamis Shortwave Radio (presumed), Uganda, no stop African songs and music, some religious songs, without talks, no id. with fading. Off at 1921. FAIR. BOC23

4765 18/03 1925- Radio Tajikistan, folk slow songs. GOOD. BOC23

4780 18/03 1922- RTV Djibouti, long talks. GOOD. BOC23

4810 18/03 1918- Armenian National Radio, reports in Arabic, mentioning many time Armenia, songs. GOOD. BOC23

4835 18/03 2133- ABC VL8A Alice Springs, Australia, reports in English. Not audible signals on 4910. FAIR. BOC23

4845.24 21/03 2225- Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, Brazilian songs. FAIR. BOC23

4880 19/03 1815- SW Radio Africa, via South Africa, long political talks in English. GOOD. BOC23

4895 18/03 0009- Mongolian Radio, talks, modulation a little bit low. Then music. FAIR. BOC23

4940 18/03 1910- VOA, Sao Tome, international reports in English. VERY GOOD. BOC23

5005 21/03 2000-2005* Radio Nacional Bata, Guinea Equatorial, News in Spanish read by a woman, at 2005 one minute blank, then African songs. Heard again after some time. FAIR. BOC23

5010 19/03 1735- Radio TV Malagasy & AIR Thirun..., India... both strong making jamming each other. Talks. GOOD. BOC23

5025 21/03 2345- Radio Rebelde, La Habana, Cuba, Songs, IDs. SUFF. BOC23

5025 19/03 *2129- ABC VL8K Khaterine, Australia, start BC on 60 meters. "Good morning" and English news. // 4835 with nice signal too; no signal on 4910 kHz. Good. BOC23

5040 19/03 1738- AIR Jeypore, India, reports in English, mentioning Pakistan. GOOD. BOC23

5040 21/03 2350- Radio Habana, Cuba, Caribbean Service in Spanish. SUFF. BOC23

5066.35 18+19/03 1742-1904* Radio Candip, Bunia, Congo Democratic, Tentative. just final talk and S/off. On 19/03 at 1742 woman talking. At 1820 still on air, talks in French, better signal. FAIR/WEAK. BOC23

Receivers: Perseus SDR (with Downconverter NTI FMC 108-28 for FM), RF SPpace SDR-IQ & SDR-14, Sony XDR-F1HD for FM, AOR AR5000A, Degen 1103 (Filters 80 + 110 kHz for FM), Degen DE1106, Sangean ATS 909 (with PI code decoder and 2 filters 110 kHz), Tecsun PL-606. Blaupunkt car radio for Opel Zafira.

Antenna: Wellbrook LFL 1010 (Loop outdoor), 8 meters wire for Degen DE1106, 10 & 5 FM elements log periodic RKB, 2 elements Yagu FM made by Alessandro Capra.

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