25 March 2011


BOC 23 - ascolti HF

Qualche altro ascolto in onde corte a Bocca di Magra, nella porzione HF, fatti con Dario Monferini.

5865 19/03 2156- RTA Radio Algerienne, via TX France, Holy Kuran. Some talks in Arabic. VERY GOOD. BOC23

5875 19/03 2200- BBC WS, via Thailand, id, newsin English. FAIR. BOC23

5954.25 18/03 0000- Radio Republica, Clandestine via Costa Rica, id talks in Spanish against Cuba govern, strong QRM like jammer. FAIR/POOR. BOC23

6025.11 19/03 0021- Radio Amanacer Internacional, Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. religious talks in Spanish about the Adventist Church. FAIR. BOC23

6055 19/03 2020- Radio Rwanda, african slow songs, talk in Vernacular and some French with a clear id. GOOD. BOC23

6070 19/03 2032- Radio Belarus, African music (we are not crazy) introduced and discussed by a girl, clearly in Belarus language. May be a program dedicated to African workers in Belarus ???. GOOD. BOC23

6185 19/03 *1500-1525* Voce della Turchia, in Italian "Impariamo il Turco". GOOD. BOC23

6185 19/03 0249- Radio Educacion, Mexico, latin nice songs, at 0259 strong QRM splash. FAIR. BOC23

6215 19/03 1945- Unid (Clandestine presumed), in Arabic, talking about Libya, Hamas, Arafat, Egypt, mujahedin... with like militant songs. GOOD. BOC23

6310 18/03 2203- Pirate, Spaceshuttle presumed, reported by Dr.Tim, nice music and songs no stop: blues, country, jazz... good broadcast quality. FAIR/GOOD. BOC23

6877 20/03 1045- Odyssey Dawn operation, Mediterranean Sea or Sky. Loop message to people of Libya in 3 languages : Arabic, English, French. In USB. At 1150 Jamming but good reception the same. Then activity in French observed on 6712 kHz at around 1130 UTC. 4196 was observed active in the afternoon. At 1733 UTC O5M... calling EL1, then others, man voices speaking in English with French accent. Another frequency involved in Odyssey Dawn operation is 6688 as reported by Borgnino and BCL news. SUFF/GOOD. BOC23

6959.54 19/03 1918- Radio Atlantic, Ireland, talks in English and pop oldies. FAIR. BOC23

7200 18/03 1945- Sudan RTVC, Sudanese usual music and songs. FAIR. BOC23

7200 19/03 2000- VOIRI, Voice of Iran in Bosniac, reports, talks about Sudan. Clobbering Sudan Radio. VERY GOOD. BOC23

7255 19/03 2110- Voice of Nigeria, long talk in African language (reported Fulani) mentioning some countries. At 2123 African music and talks about Nigeria. Modulation little low. GOOD. BOC23

7265 19/03 2125- CRI, China Radio Int. Tx Urumqi, China, in Italian, Chinese lessons to help you to eat at the restaurant. Rice & Fish... VERY GOOD. BOC23

7295 18/03 0015- Traxx FM, Malaysia, songs and talks in English. FAIR. BOC23

9479 18/03 2022- WTWW, Lebanon, TN, USA, religious program in English. FAIR. BOC23

9500 18/03 2226- ABC, Radio Australia, reports in English, ids at 2029 and 2030, then songs. FAIR. BOC23

9525 20/03 1935- TWR, Swaziland, start program in French with religious talks about life meaning. In LSB to avoid QRM from Voice of Indonesia on 9525.9 in English. FAIR. BOC23

9525.96 18/03 1940- Voice of Indonesia, in English, Indonesian pop songs. Repeated Ids and address at 1956. At 1958 ids in French and start of the French program, stopped by CRI broadcasting to Europe in Russian on the same frequency since 2000. Not a good idea! GOOD/POOR. BOC23

9705 18/03 2035-2100* Radio Ethiopia, nice Horn of Africa songs, like cultural program, at 2055 news, National Anthem and S/off at 2100. SUFF/GOOD. BOC23

9705 18/03 2100- La Voix du Sahel, news in French, weak signal audible only after Ethiopia S/off. WEAK. BOC23

11660 19/03 1645- ABC, Radio Australia, songs and easy talks about daily life, in English. GOOD. BOC23

11725 18/03 2001- Radio New Zealand Int., news in English, then sport about the City warriors and footbal, with fading. FAIR/GOOD. BOC23

11730 18/03 1125- KSDA, AWR, Agat, Guam, talks in Asian language, religious music. FAIR. BOC23

11730 20/03 1830- Radio Pilipinas (presumed), Philippines, in Tagalog, conversation mentioning USA. GOOD. BOC23

11750 18/03 2005- AWR, via South Africa, broadcast in French to Africa in // 11755 on close channel (maybe to get a better reception on small receivers ?). I made a "photo" to the waterfall. Fair on both channels. Talks about family. FAIR. BOC23

11750 19/03 1120-1128* KTWR, Agana, Guam, talks in unid language, id and off at 1128. POOR/WEAK. BOC23

13590 19/03 1932- CVC One Africa, Zambia, songs introduced by a speaker with strong American accent. GOOD. BOC23

13650 19/03 1937- Radio Kuwait & Radio Canada Int. jamming together, the first with Arabic songs, the latter with reports in French. Both good signal. There are so many frequencies free on this band ! GOOD. BOC23

15120 20/03 1821- Voice of Nigeria, reports in English. Good signal but not so good modulation. GOOD. BOC23

17700 19/03 1610- Sudan Interact Radio, via Ascension, reports about African countries, Darfur, Sudan. Ids and address. GOOD. BOC23

17745 19/03 1620- Sudan Radio Service, via Portugal, nice Sudanese songs, one mentioning Sudan Radio like a jingle long song. VERY GOOD. BOC23

Receivers: Perseus SDR (with Downconverter NTI FMC 108-28 for FM), RF SPpace SDR-IQ & SDR-14, Sony XDR-F1HD for FM, AOR AR5000A, Degen 1103 (Filters 80 + 110 kHz for FM), Degen DE1106, Sangean ATS 909 (with PI code decoder and 2 filters 110 kHz), Tecsun PL-606. Blaupunkt car radio for Opel Zafira.

Antenna: Wellbrook LFL 1010 (Loop outdoor), 8 meters wire for Degen DE1106, 10 & 5 FM elements log periodic RKB, 2 elements Yagu FM made by Alessandro Capra.

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