09 April 2011


La domenica in relax

RX: Collins 51S-1 - Drake R4-C (Perseus as spectrum monitor)
ANT: T2FD - QTH: Milano, Italia

6140 3/4 0920 MV Baltic Radio, Great rock songs, talks in German, Ids giving web address, very good

13580 3/4 1240 WEWN, USA, Holy Mass, fair

13685 3/4 1245 Vatican Radio, talks in Russian, fair

13720 3/4 1250 REE, Spain, "Amigos de la onda corta" program, letters and reports from DXer listeners. In Spanish. Very good

13760 3/4 1300 Voice of Korea, North Korea, start of Bc with ids in English ids by man & female "This is Voice of Korea". News in English. Fair

15190 3/4 0903 Radio Inconfidencia, Brazil, Brazilian popular songs, few Dj talks, weak to fair, slow deep fading. At 0916 fade out.

15290 3/4 0932 Radio Japan, via Issoudun, France, Japanese popo slow songs, talks in Japanese. Fair, some QRM from IRIB on 15295

15341.15 3/4 0940 RTV Marocaine, Morocco, out of frequency as usual, talks, songs, Arabic, fair

15725 3/4 0946-0956* Radio Pakistan, strange song: rap on like traditional slow songs, in Urdu (pres). Voice modulation a little down as usual. fair. Abrupt s.off at 0956

17725 3/4 1204 Voice of Africa, Libya, talks in Swahili mentioning also Egypt and Mubarak, several ids also in English and web address. Later also talks about Ghaddafi. Good

17840 3/4 1150 Radio Sawa, Kuwait relay, usual songs program with many ids, in Arabic. Good

17895 3/4 1156 Radio Riyad, Saudi Arabia, starting programm with Holy Kuran, good

21540 3/4 1145 Radio Kuwait, in Arabic, long talks like international reports, mentioning Iraq many times. Good

21750 3/4 1130 IRIB, Voice of Iran, talks like reports. Reported in Hausa. Higher frequency in use at this time. Weak //21520

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