05 April 2011


Voice of Malaysia, buon segnale

Ascolti del lunedì mattina. Molto bene Voice of Malaysia, seguita da Voice of Islam.

RX: Collins 51S-1 - Drake R4-C (Perseus as spectrum monitor)
ANT: T2FD -- QTH: Milano, Italia

11530 4/4 0850 Denge Mezopotamya, Clandestine in Kurdish, songs and music, fair

11945 4/4 0900 Radio Australia, in English, news. Fair

13630 4/4 0845 Radio Australia, in English, reports, fair,some QRM from
Turkey 13635

15195 4/4 0819 Radio Tatarstan, Russia, old popular slow songs and music, few talks mentioning Tatarstan. Really pleasant. Fair/good

15295 4/4 0750 Voice Of Malaysia, nice pop songs, ids in English, announcement of Voice of Islam in 5 minutes. Jingle at 0759. Good

15295 4/4 0800 Voice of Islam, Malaysia, start of the program with some Holy Kuran and translations - explanations in English. Good

15715 4/4 0808 Radio Mashaal, Clandestine to Pakistan, reports, some ids. //15740 (tx?). Fair

15850 4/4 0815 Galei Zahal, Israel, pop songs, few talks, weak with fading

17880 4/4 0835 Radio Sawa, via Kuwait, usual songs program, fair

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