09 September 2011


Unid 7130 kHz

Here other tips from Milan city. Propagation on higher frequencies was poor. I observed an Asian BC on 7130 kHz fading out, could be Malaysia?

4885 8/9 2333 Radio Clube do Parà, Brazil, sport live, fair

5952.4 8/9 2345 Radio Pio XII, Bolivia, long talks and some music, good modulation, fair

5995 8/9 2338 RTV du Malì, African songs, fair

6085 8/9 2345 Radio Rossii, but id not as Radio Rossii but like Radio Centr or something alike at 2359, maybe local bc, Siberia, talks and at 0000 news, Russian, weak

6090 9/9 0005 Gene Scott, Anguilla, religious speech, English, good

6134.8 9/9 0010 Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, educational, Spanish, fair

6173.93 9/9 0017 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, Peru, folk peruan music, weak

6185 9/9 0025 Radio Educacion, Mexico, cultural talks, Spanish, weak/fair

7130 8/9 2313 Unid: could be Sarawak FM Malaysia ? Talks by woman in Asian language, songs.
Fading out. Poor/weak with Ham QRM.

7295 8/9 2308 Traxx FM, Malaysia, songs and talks in English, fair, some QRM from CRI

RX: SDR-14 (SDR-Radio Software)
ANT: T2FD 15 meters long
QTH: Milano

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