13 December 2011


Qualche problema per Radio Afghanistan

Qualche altro ascolto metropolitano. Il trasmettitore di Radio Aghanistan deve avere avuto qualche problema. Bene Voice of Tibet in perenne fuga dal Jamming di Pechino

5010.185 11/12 1810 Radio Madagascar, songs, weak

7190 11/12 1715 Voice of Brad Masses (presumed), Eritrea, id at 1730 but not sure, Vn, talks also about Somalia, Horn of African short piece of musics, fair (not on my lists)

7200 11/12 1530-1543* !!! Radio Afghanistan, start BC in English, news, fair, at 1543 suddenly off air. Some tx problems?

9500 11/12 1850 TWR Swaziland, African language, Talks mentioning African countries and radios, Afro song, end of BC and id at 1900

9525.94 11/12 1908 Voice of Indonesia, English program, news, low modulation, fair

9550 11/12 1924-1927* FEBA, Kigali, Rwanda, Arabic program, end at 1927, good

9575 11/12 1930 Medì 1, Nador, Morocco, news in French, at 1943 sport, very good

9680 11/12 1919 Radio Thailand, English program, id and reports, fair, real good modulation

11780 11/12 1950 Radio Nacional Amazonia, Brazil, songs, fair

15285 13/12 1244 Athmeeya Yatra, Clandestine via Germany, Asian language, talks, some musics, ids, Fair

15420.040 11/12 1815 WBCQ The Planet, Monticello, USA, sermon by woman, carrier modulated only in the upper side, tx drifting, fair

15503.11 11/12 1255 Voice of Tibet, talks like reports, with live people "sounds", id with music like hymn at 1300. Fair (not on my lists)

15610 11/12 1248 EWTN, Vandiver, USA, in English, talks about Indonesia, good

15720 11/12 1245 Radio New Zealand Int., today with a good signal, so I can use AMS with 9 kHz filter for good audio. In English, soft raggae, Good

15825 11/12 1242 WWCR, Nashville, USA, religious, in English, good

15850 11/12 1238 Galei Zahal, Israel, songs in Hebrew, fair, same fading

17695 11/12 1418 OneAfrica CVC, Lusaka, Zambia, pop songs, "quality music", today with nice signal, good propagation

17715 11/12 1415 VOA, Moepeng Hill, Botswana, reports in English, good

21600 11/12 1408 World Harvest Radio, Cypress Creek, USA, strong religious speech, music, in English, fair

RX: Excalibur Pro; ANT: T2FD di 15 metri; QTH: Milano città

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