07 December 2011


Radio Aghanistan su 7200 kHz

Ecco qualche altro ascolto milanese, con Radio Aghanistan su 7200 la Nuova Zelanda su 4 frequenze

5950 5/12 *1259 Radio New Zealand Int. Start, news, English, poor

6145 4/12 1844 Voice of Russia, DRM, double program, 1A in French & 1B in English, (you select the button 1 or 2 on Excalibur Pro in DRM mode in audio panel) both reports, good signal, sporadic audio stops

7105 6/12 2228 Unid Chinese Radio, music, talks like reports, good

7200 5/12 1607-1632* Radio Afghanistan, in Urdu, songs, talks, clear id at 16.17 Radio Afghanistan.. Urdu...", signal around 9 but QRM from CRI in Arabic on 7205. S.off at 1632

7225 6/12 1935 RTT, Sfax, Tunisia, home service in Arabic, talk like politics, //630 Very good

7300 4/12 1849 Voice of Russia, DRM, double program, 2A in English & 2B in Russian, reports about elections, good signal but several audio stops

7325 5/12 1142 Voice of Russia, DRM, double program 1A in Russian, 1B in German, some audio stop, fair signal

9765 5/12 1622 Radio New Zealand Int., in English, interviews about world affairs, fair/good

9805 6/12 1941 Radio Romania Int. DRM, in German, Romanian music, good signal but audio stops, so non usable

11655 4/12 1855 Radio Nederland, Talata, Madagascar, English, introducing a program made with Radio New Zealand. Int., ids, good

11670 6/12 2224 AIR, Bangaluru, India, End of English program, id, schedules, Indian music, good

11690 4/12 1900 AWR, Moonsbruun, Austria, start of Bc in Hausa, id in English, music, talks, fair

11725 4/12 1840 Radio New Zealand Int. Vanuatu news, good

11765 4/12 1905 Super Radio Deus รจ Amor, Curitiba, Brazil, usual sermons, fair, early time

11775 4/12 1900 Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, English, religious songs, fair/good

11860 4/12 1900 AWR, via Wertachtal, Germany, id multilangage, also Italian, and program in Wolof, Good

11875 4/12 1900 Radio Taiwan Int., via Issoudun, France, in French, start of the programme and news, good

11945 5/12 1133 Radio Australia, Shepparton, songs, id, in English, fair

11975 4/12 1900 Afia Darfur, via Sao Tome to Sudan, id, start bc, weak

12070 4/12 1900 DW, Kigali, Rwanda, start program in English, fair

13700 7/12 1237 Mashaal Radio, Iranawila, Sri Lanka, in Pashto to Afghanistan, talks like reports with id at the end of each report, fair //15760 weak

13970 5/12 1125 Firedrake, Chinese music jammer, fair

14950 5/12 1248 UNID, Utility USB, communications in English mentionining Delaware City, fair

15034 5/12 1244 Trenton Volmet, Canada, airports weather info, USB, fair

15225 7/12 1222 Radio Veritas, Philippines, slow song, talks in Asian language (reported as Karen), at 1230 id nad start a program in another language, good

15345.21 6/12 1954 RAE, Argentina, end Italian program, economic talks, ids, fair

15480 6/12 1958 AWR, Meyerton, South Africa, music, id, start program in Arabic, fair

15720 5/12 1239-1258* Radio New Zealand Int., English, interviews, good

17695 6/12 1948 CVC OneAfrica, Lusaka, Zambia, pop songs, English talks, fair

17800 7/12 1200 DW, Kigali, Rwanda, News in French, weak but clear

21680 7/12 1138 Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria tx, Spanish, talks about Cuba, fair, ids, fair

21715 7/12 1143 Radio Farda, Iranawila, Sri Lanka, in Farsi, songs (also Eagles with Hotel California)

25000 5/12 1112 Mikes Espoo, Finland, time bips, fair

RX: Winradio G33DCC Excalibur Pro
Ant: T2FD 15 m long

Photo from CERF website http://ochaonline.un.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1719
Radio and telecommunications equipment in Afghanistan Photo: IRIN

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