27 February 2012


Rede Aparecida via Radio 9 de Julho. E altre

Buon segnale di Radio 9 de Julho che però in questo orario annuncia Radio Aparecida, in quanto ritrasmette Rede Aparecida. Un altro segnale chiaro, seppure debole, quello di Radio Marumby, così come Radio Educacion dal Messico.

5910.937 26/2 0503 Radio Alcaravan, Colombia, nice songs, ids, in LSB to avoid QRM, fair signal

6080.04 26/2 0205 Radio Marumby, Talks in Portuguese with short pieces of religious music, then long talk giving thanks, weak but clear //web

6185 26/2 0220 Radio Educacion, Mexico, chorus songs, then serious talk mentioning university, cultural slow talks with some serious music, Spanish, weak/fair

6925 26/2 0240 Wolverine Radio, Pirate, old songs, in USB, nice signal

6969.98 26/2 0235 Laser Hot Hits, Pirate, Abba's song "Fernando", good

7200 26/2 0250 RTVC Sudan, Holy Kuran, fair

7245 26/2 0304 Radio Mauritanie, Arabic, talks, good

7325 26/2 0310 Radio Dàrdasha 7, Arabic, talks, some music, web URL, good

9564,82 26/2 Super Radio Deus è Amor, Curitiba, religious sermon, // 11765 fair

9819.6 26/2 0350 Radio 9 de Julho / Radio Aparecida, transmit program Com a Mãe Aparecida by Rede Radio Aparecida, so ids as Radio Aparecida, fair/good easy listening tonight!

10000 26/2 0343 Osservatorio Nacional, Brazil, pips & ids modulated in USB, fair

11625 26/2 0325 Vatican Radio, via Madagascar, end of the English prg, fair

11765 26/2 0328 Super Radio Deus è Amor, usual sermon, some religious songs, good

11780 26/2 0318 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brazil, nice songs, good signal this night

11925.06 26/2 0333 Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, songs no stop, Bee Gees too, fair/good

RX: Excalibur Pro - ANT: T2FD - QTH: Milano città, Italia

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