23 February 2012


Roraima, CFRX Toronto e altre

Propagazione discreta l'altra notte. Dopo lungo tempo ho riascoltato Radio Roraima su 4877.4 kHz (drifting). Buona CFRX Toronto (relay CFRB) e buona anche la Voz de tu Conciencia sui 6010.065 kHz. Gran Mix su 6160. Ecco il log con qualche immagine, realizzato con l'Excalibr Pro e antenna T2FD lunga 15 metri.

4780 23/2 0415 RTV Djibouti, nice Horn of Africa style songs, in LSB to avoid utility, good

4877.38 23/2 0245-0359* Radio Roraima, Brazil, Brazilian songs no stop, frequency drifting, utility QRM, clear id at 0342. At 0350 QRG 4877.48. At 0356 Hymn and signal off, weak/fair signal

Radio Roraima con audio discreto

Radio Roraima signal off after Hymn
4960 23/2 0410 VOA, Sao Tome, reports about Somalia in English, good

5000 23/2 0404 WWV, Fort Collins, USA, male voice in English and pips, weak

5085 23/2 0235 WTWW, Lebanon, USA Brother Stairs program, Religious talks, address in South Carolina, web address: www.overcomerministry.com, good

6010.065 23/2 0438 La Voz de tu Conciencia, Piero Lleras, Colombia, long talks in Spanish, also mentioning Colombia, fair

La Voz de tu Conciencia
6069.97v 23/2 0130 CFRX Toronto, Canada, Talks, relay CFRB program //web streaming, ids, weak to fair

CFRX offset (left carrier)
6160 23/2 0146 3 tx mixing on the same frequency, sometimes audible some English CKZN St. John's. Measured carriers: 6159.98 - 6160 - 6160.06 see picture below

6160 kHz grand mix: 3 carriers
6160 23/2 0455 CKZN relay CBC Radio One, talks and news on the hour, fair

6165 23/2 0203 African Music mixed with Radio Nederland talks in Spanish. Presumed R.Nationale Tchadienne extraschedule. Good signal. Later RNT was very good.

6220.24 23/2 0210 Radio Merlin, pirate, songs, ids, weak-good, fading

7105 20/2 2212 CNR1 on HAM band, China, Talks in Ch, strong signal, //6000, 6105, 6125, 7230, 9545, 9455, 9835, 11710 kHz so it is CNR 1 maybe used as Jammer

7110 23/2 0119 Myanmar Radio, slow songs and few talks, weak but clear

7210.79v 23/2 0220 Voice of Russia, in Spanish, just terrible modulation! Strong signal

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