23 April 2012


Buona propagazione sui 15 MHz - Inconfidencia

Qualche ascolto ieri sera a Milano città. Propagazione sui 15 MHz buona. In particolare buon segnale di Radio Inconfidencia, un po' spostata di frequenza.

SFI in aumento - grafico solare (SDR-Radio software) 
15140 22/4 1900 Radio Sultanate Oman, news, in Arabic, low modulation, fair

15190 22/4 1845 Radio Pilipinas, Philippines, Talks in Tagalog, pop songs, great id, also in English, at 1855. Good

15190 22/4 2151 two religious stations in English fighting on the same frequency, both exactly in 15190v with fair signal but fading, Family Radio & Radio Africa, i find it simply crazy!

15191.448v 22/4 2130 Radio Inconfidencia, Brazil, sport... goooooooooollllllllllll ids, jingles, good

Inconfidencia easy listening
15344.82 22/4 1910 Radio Nacional Argentina, cultural talks, Spanish, fair

15349.138 22/4 1915 SNRT, Nador, Morocco, talks in Arabic, good

15580 22/4 1918 Voice of America, Mopeng Hill, Botswana, English lesson, good

15610 22/4 1921 WEWN, USA, conversation, English, fair

15630 22/4 1924 Voice of Greece, (pres), classic music, fair, fading

15720 22/4 1928 Radio New Zealand International, DRM,  Interview, English,
good signal and good audio (SNR around 22 dB)

New Zealand good in DRM

15825 22/4 2145 WWCR, Nashville, USA, religious talks, English, fair

17640 22/4 2135 CVC, Chile, DRM good signal but voice gaps, Spanish talks, songs

CVC from Chile in DRM on 17 MHz
RX: Drake R-4C, Excalibur Pro, Elad FDM-S1

Ant: T2FD 15 meters long
QTH: Milano, Italia

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