17 April 2012


Voice of Nigeria - DRM in Africa

Voice of Nigeria ha avviato il nuovo servizio da Abuja sulla frequenza storica dei 15120 kHz. Ho potuto seguire l'English service dalle 1832 alle 1959 UTC, quando hanno spento, il 16 aprile. Il segnale era buono, intorno al 9 con qualche punta più in su. La modulazione era un po' compressa. Ovviamente, con il fading, ogni tanto c'era un buco nell'audio. Il bello del DRM!

Annunciano "Voice of Nigeria Abuja".
Nel label DRM appare: Voice Of Nigeria
Il testo scorrevole dice:   New transmitter in Abuja, T SW2300D, 100 kW

Ecco un paio di immagini:

L'inaugurazione del nuovo trasmettitore

Voice of Nigeria, 13 Mar 2012, Lawan Hamidu: "President Goodluck Jonathan has commissioned Voice of Nigeria’s (VON) ultramodern super transmitting station and its revolving antenna, located at Lugbe, Airport Road, Abuja. President Goodluck Jonathan, represented by the Vice President, Namadi Sambo at the event, stated that the project was in line with Federal Government’s commitment to meet the 2015 global deadline for the digitization of the broadcast industry and international best practices. ... 'In keeping with my avid policy of expanding the political space and driving the ideals of democratic process, this administration is not interested in turning VON, or any government broadcast organisation into an uncritical mouthpiece for our policies,' he emphasised. ... The event included, the commissioning of three Super-Power Transmitters, three fixed and one rotatable antenna, the first in Africa and sixth in the World. Voice of Nigeria, Nigeria’s external broadcast station is mandated to project Nigeria and Africa’s views to the world."
DRM digital radio @drmdigitalradio, 13 Mar 2012: "State-of-the-art’ DRM tx station, set up by Thomson; first of its kind in Sub-Sahara Africa, commissioned by President Goodluck Jonathan." -- Shortwave listeners are hearing the VON DRM digital transmissions, but how much of VON's schedule will be digital?

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