02 May 2012


Ascolti del 1° Maggio

Giusto qualche ascolto del 1° Maggio, Festa del Lavoro

9950 1800 1/5 All India Radio, GOS IV Khampur, DRM. English service with news, songs, reports, but audio was good around 1800, with a lot of gaps at 1815-1830, good again at 1830. DRM is not a good idea for SW long distance broadcasting, fading can easily kill audio. 

11695 2300 1/5 Radio Australia, Shepparton, in Indonesian, id and news, good

11720 2300 1/5 Voice of Vietnam 1, Hanoi, time pips, id, news in Vietnamese (p), weak

11780 2300 1/5 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brazil, "Nacional enforma", fair

11815 2300 1/5 Radio Brasil Central, talks about 1 May, great id, good

15000 2200 1/5 WWV, Fort Collins, USA, time and sun info, fair

15120 1835 1/5 Voice of Nigeria, Abuja as reported in the text message, DRM, English, politic reports, very good SNR 25.8 dB

15140 2150-2159* Radio Sultanate of Oman, songs, ids, s.off at 2159, good

15191.48 2130 1/5 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, songs, news, meteo, nice signal, good

15215 *2159 1/5  Adventist World Radio, KSDA, Guam, s. on and start program in Mandarin, fair

15240 2200 1/5 Radio Australia, reported from Taiwan, reports in English, weak

15265 *2200 1/5 Radio Japan, via Bonaire, s.on, start bc in Japanese, good

15345.11 2200 1/5 RAE, Argentina, many ids and start program in Spanish, good

15415 *2159 Radio Australia, Shepparton, start abrupt, id on the hour, fair

15455 *2159 Radio Canada International, s.on, Spanish program, news, good

rx: Drake R-4C, Excalibur Pro, Elad FDM-S1
ant: T2FD
qth: Milano, Italia

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