03 May 2012


La propagazione gira

Qualche altro ascolto milanese. La propagazione gira. Ad esempio su 6160 invece del Canada questa volta c'era Radio Rossii. Su 6150 Radio Record. Bene 9 de Juhlo su 9820 relay Aparecida.

5909.94 0110 3/5 Alcaravan Radio, Colombia, latin nice songs, ids, good

5935 0116 3/5 WWCR, Nashville, USA, religious, gospel, good

5954.24 0120 3/5 Radio Republica (p), Costa Rica, signal fair but audio buried inside jamming noise really strong. Jammer stations seems on 5955 kHz. Noise touches also Radio Pio XII on 5952.43

6049.93 0126 3/5 HCJB, Quito, Equador, slow songs, talks in Spanish, QRM from Radio Habana in English, poor

6070 0015 3/5 CFRX, Toronto, Canada, relay CFRB, conversation, again in my headphone after some days with Radio Capital/Deus รจ Amor. Fair

6085.035 0140 3/5 Radio Marumby, Curitiba, Brazil, religious talks by female with some slow music, weak but clear // web streaming on http://radioevangelismo.com/

6134.82 0020 3/5 Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, nice songs, fair/good

6149.98 0030-0042* 3/5  Radio Record (p), Sao Paulo, Brazil, romantic pop songs, talks in Portuguese mentioning Sao Paulo, weak, s.off at 0042

6160 0100 3/5 Radio Rossii, Monchegorsk, time pips, id, news in Russian, weak, over CKZN. Tx is not so far from Northern Finland. First time I hear it.

6165 0107 3/5 Radio Nederland, Bonaire, in Spanish, news, press review, good

9819.54 0200 3/5 Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, relay Aparecida, religious talks, fair, after VOA Greenville s.off at 0200

15140 1715-1718 2/5 All India Radio, Khampur, DRM, label: RUSSIAN SERVICE, off at 1718, good but I could stay in touch only 3 minutes... then off air

15345.28 2320 2/5 RAE, Argentina, Spanish program, songs, culture, history, good, frequency slowly drifting

RX: Drake R-4C, Excalibur Pro, Elad FDM-S1 / Ant: T2FD / QTH: Milan

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